HXH Episode 65: Black Trans Lives Matter w/ Jessica Zyrie

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Jessica Zyrie is a black trans-woman from San Antonio, Texas. She is a known model and activist for the black and LGBTQ community. Jessica began her journey to her true self at the age of 17 during her senior year of high school. During that time period of transition, Jessica received a lot of ridicule from people and was bullied. Growing up, Jessica and her father didn’t have the best relationship. She felt as though he was very strict and mean toward her and it wasn’t until later she understands that all that who he was came from his own way of protecting her from the world. She also attributes his character during that time due to him not having examples of how to parent a child that was transitioning. On October 18th, 2016, Jessica put up a post embracing her truth and received large numbers of support and feedback which led to her successfully pursuing her career as a model and activist.

Jessica Zyrie slaying in the finale show for Victoria Cocieru on Project RUNWAY during NYFW.

Jessica makes it her priority to use her platform as a trans-model to inspire younger individuals who are on the journey to transitioning and to educate individuals who are ignorant on the subject and importance of trans-lives especially black trans-lives. Jessica can be found on Instagram and twitter @TheJessicaZyrie.

Written by- Taylor Jay

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