Children of the Sun

Hey boos,

It’s officially summa summa time! A lot of us have been stuck in the house for months due to the Rona. The sun is out and if you’re anything like me, you’re definitely trying to soak up some of that good vitamin D. If you haven’t been outside much I encourage you to find a safe place to get some fresh air and sun. Truth be told, with all the chaos we’re living in we have to keep our mental health in check! Name a better way to holistically lift your spirits? I’ll wait....

Matter of fact, getting some sun actually increases your serotonin levels immediately boosting your mood. People who experience SAD, have a decrease in depression during the summertime. Have you ever been out in the sun and afterwards you felt completely drained. I’m sure you had the best sleep! This could be because sunlight also has an helpful effect on the Pineal Gland. Most people know the Pineal Gland as the popular term “Third Eye” I like to call it the seat of consciousness. This is how you can see with your eyes closed or even dream. There’s no imagination without the pineal gland. Sunlight aids the Pineal Gland to produce melatonin. This hormone regulates the quality of sleep. Some of us have trauma around sleep and rest, “I’ll sleep when I die” where did that quote even come from? Sleep is definitely a privilege but don’t deprive yourself. You deserve a deep, revitalizing, cell repairing slumber.

Somewhere communication got crossed with Pseudoscience that only black people had melanin and we didn’t need to use sunscreen. I’m here to tell you that everyone has melanin some just have more than others. Although we’re blessed with natural SPF in our melanin we still have to protect our luxurious skin if we’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time. An elder once told me “too much of anything could be bad for you” I take with me in everything I do, including sunbathing.

Before we step out in all our glory, let’s glisten up with some extra SPF!

My number one all time favorite is Shea Butter! The SPF for Shea butter is only between 6-10 so please add it with other natural Sun protection oils like coconut oil.

My next SPF suggestion that I’m super excited about! Yup, sunscreen for us! Shontay Lundy made sure that our skin shines like gold with Black Girl Sunscreen. Not only do we look good but it’s also harmful chemical free! We love an intentional Queen!


  • Fragrance

  • Parabens

  • Oxybenzone

  • Octinoxate

Grab yourself a bottle or two!

Have fun and stay protected this summer! I mean that in more ways than one.

Love thyself,

Ashley Tierra

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