HXH Episode 64: Ownership Funds Your Perfect Life w/ Chase Sloan

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Chase Sloan is a realtor from Houston, Texas, where she currently resides and is the owner of The Chase Real Estate Group. She entered the real estate industry at the age of twenty-seven after a previous career as a bartender and sales associate at the Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas. The bartending and sales positions never offered her true consistency and stability for her hours and her commission were always cut even though she was the top sales associate in those positions. This then led her to leave her job and take some classes to become an official real estate agent. Chase realized the value of being in control of her own financial success and felt that no person should have that much control over her life except her. That prompted Chase to jump into the real estate business full time and she currently has been selling real estate for ten years.

Chase, a black queer woman from Houston, Texas makes it apart of her success to give back to the black community and teach the younger generation the importance of investing and ownership. She has helped many people within the black community reach their goals of owning their own homes and/or businesses. She offers classes on economic empowerment through a course called a quantum leap on kwkc.org or you can chat with her directly on Facebook at Chase Sloan or on Instagram @chasingrealestategroup and discuss your plans and goals toward ownership.

Written by- Taylor Jay

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